Karl Johan Svedberg, founder of the company which now operates as Nordplåt Carmen AB in Strömsund. It all started when Karl Johan found out that a new hospital was planned for Östersund, and that various kinds of metal parts would be needed, including steel frames for timber doors. The year was 1969 and this was the start of Nordplåt in Strömsund.

The steel frames business was developed over the years, with new products added and others falling by the wayside. Nordplåt started container production in Östersund, but this ended in the mid-1980s. Cleanroom manufacturing started in the 1990s and this remains a very important product for Nordplåt.

Karl Johan Svedberg was also a great lover of opera and his favourite of all was Carmen. That is why Carmen is a part of this company’s name, formed in 1993. Intriguingly, there is a painting in the office depicting Carmen and our steel frames, called the "Steel Carmen".

In June 2014 Karl Johan, through his company KJ Svedberg Invest AB, sold the shares in Nordplåt Carmen AB to Nya Plåtprodukter i Strömsund AB which is owned by Femper AB, through Eva and Per Stjernström. Alongside the change of ownership, PPS’s chimney cover production was also incorporated into Nordplåt.
The transfer took place in December 2014. This process expanded our machinery, and the company now manufactures three separate products: steel frames, chimney covers and cleanrooms.