Product information

Frame types

The frames are usually built to standard sizes in accordance with Swedish standards, but special sizes are possible and all frame types can be adapted within certain boundaries. For example, the trim width, frame depth, frame fastenings, etc. can be altered to meet most needs. Most frame profiles can also be built as frames for swing doors or sliding doors, as opening frames or as internal windows.  The position of locks, hinges and other fittings is decided in consultation with the door leaf supplier and according to industry standards.


The frames are made of cold rolled steel sheet, DC 01. The sheet thickness is usually 1.5mm but it can be increased to 2.0mm for most models. The frames can also be made entirely or partly of stainless steel SIS2333 (EN 1.4301) or SIS 2343 (EN 1.4404) and aluminium-zinc coated steel (DX 51D+AZ).

Surface treatment

The frames are polyester powder coated at the factory as standard for greater impact resistance. The surface treatment begins with chemical cleaning of the frame, followed by polyester powder application then curing at around 225 degrees in a curing oven. The film thickness is about 80 microns after curing. The result is a surface which is highly resistant to abrasion, and potentially an alternative to stainless steel in places exposed to heavy wear, for example schools, hospitals, industrial buildings, army barracks, etc.

The frame can be supplied in virtually any colour but there is an extra charge for colours which are not included in our standard colours from the NCS/RLS system.

Fittings and accessories

The frames are supplied as standard with galvanised ASSA 3240 hinges. Other hinge types are supplied on request.

Powder coated frames are supplied as standard with an adjustable strike plate flush mounted to the frame jamb. For fully or partly stainless steel frames, a bolt cutout can be created directly in the frame jamb, equipped with an adjustable strike plate cover.

The frame is also available with a high security strike plate or a recess for an electronic strike plate.

Electronic components
The frames can be supplied with recesses for various electronic components such as lead cover, magnetic switches, cable pulling slots, etc. They can be prepared with cable conduits and pull wire from the factory.

Frame installation
The frames are usually supplied with frame screws. An installation kit is available to order consisting of installation screws and plastic wall plugs. For specific applications, the frame can be equipped with strong frame screws made of steel, or fastenings designed to install several frames together.

Fire-safety and sound classification
Nordplåt has its own Swedish Technical Approval no. 5088/84 for the MKL, SP, SK and KK steel frame models. The Swedish Technical Approval includes fire-safety ratings EI30 and EI60, airborne sound insulation ratings R’w 30dB, 35dB & 40dB, and security rating RC2. If necessary, the steel frame can be built to specific instructions in order to meet the requirements of a door manufacturer's existing Swedish Technical Approval.

Sealing strip
The frame is supplied as standard with a self-adhesive sealing strip applied to the lock jamb. The entire frame can also be fitted with sealing strips in order to meet particular sound insulation and/or fire-safety requirements. Integrated sealing strips are available as an option for most frame types.

Mineral wool can be built into the frame to meet fire-safety and/or sound insulation requirements. The insulation is usually fitted in the factory. The insulation is supplied separately for frame types that need to be insulated after the frame is adjusted in the wall opening, for example the MKL and the KK-2.

Stainless steel thresholds can be added to all frame types. Timber thresholds and rubber thresholds are possible too. Welded frames are delivered with L-profile transport struts to stabilise the frame during transport and handling on site. The strut is removed before the frame is installed, see the installation instructions.